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Categories Extensions
Created by Jeff Tucker
Created on Jan 20, 2022

Automatically update record status from development tools

Developers have to manually keep statuses up-to-date to reflect the work they're doing in other systems. Code-based automation via extensions allow developers to automate this, but requires implementing several extensions that do the same general task.

I'd like to add automation rules that are based on events from extensions instead. For example, if I had the GitHub extension installed, Aha! Develop would provide an automation trigger for "when a PR is opened".

    Jul 21, 2022

    Sync feature statuses with your dev tools

    Save time and improve visibility into development progress. You can now automatically sync the status of records in Aha! Develop with the rest of your dev tools — like GitHub, GitLab, and CircleCI.

    See how

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  • Sam S
    Jan 20, 2022

    Additionally, an automation trigger for "when a PR is merged" automatically moving the status to Shipped or Ready for QA.

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