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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Ronnie Merkel
Created on Feb 17, 2021

Automation rules send to integration

Rather than have to manually push ideas to the integration with Azure, Jira or other systems, it would be helpful and reduce manual administration if the automation rules could include the capability to send on a condition such as a status change.

For example: when a story moves to ready to develop, it is automatically sent to the external integration.

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  • Guest
    May 24, 2024

    It will be great to setup a rule that automatically triggers the Aha-Jira integration.

  • Hank Liu
    Feb 15, 2024

    We would love to see this in the automation rules as well. Is there a schedule for the implementation?

  • Donald Hebert
    Apr 14, 2023

    This is logical and fully endorse. Automatically sending "on create" could create issues, but upon status shift, would be logical. I realize there could be issues or concerns with this (e.g. if there is more than one integration in a workspace, etc.) but we're willing to set the conditions or configuration where Aha! workspace to Jira Project was 1-1 integrated.

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