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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Szymon Lukaszczyk
Created on May 4, 2017

Set feature initial status on "Send to jira"

It would be nice to have a status set on the first send to jira.

I have for example configured in jira integration page:

Status "New" in Jira -> Status "In design" in Aha.

So when I click the "Send to jira" button in the feature is should send the status in Aha to "In design". And only fallback to default jira status when setting corresponding status is not possible.

It would be nice to have the initial jira status set correspondingly so there is no manual status setting needing later. 


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  • Kody Chappell
    Jul 28, 2020

    I am actually interested in the inverse. I would love to setup an approval workflow that when it is approved, it is sent to Jira

  • Greg Koeka
    Sep 27, 2018

    Possible solution: in the integration tool, you can set a status to be bi-directional, unidirectional and send once. What if it was possible to have the status direction to have send once from Aha! to JIRA and anytime from JIRA to Aha!. This could provide JIRA the appropriate status (assuming the mappings are correct) and remove the need to go into JIRA to adjust the status when it's setup as unidirectional from JIRA to Aha!. 

    Additionally, if you use the assigned to field in Aha! and it matches the user email in both JIRA/Aha!, the assignment would be automatic. It keeps the Aha! user in Aha! and reduces the risk of human error (such as forgetting to go into to JIRA to change the status so it's accurately reflected in both systems.

  • Greg Koeka
    Sep 26, 2018

    +1 to Kevin in terms of having the ability to set this for our account which might be different from Kevin usage

  • Kevin Burges
    Jun 1, 2017

    I would love to see this also. I get Requirements to a "Prioritised" status in Aha, then send them to Jira. I would like that initial push to Jira to cause the Aha status to be updated to "Ready for Development", which I have mapped to my initial status in Jira.


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