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Status Future consideration
Categories Application
Created by Steve Dagless
Created on Dec 7, 2023

Ability to choose how a copy functions

Who would benefit?

Anyone who needs to copy a record

What impact would it make?

Save time

How should it work?

There are several ideas for improving how the copy function works in Aha!

We have 2 specific request:

  • to be able to choose whether to copy attachments, record links and requirements when copying a feature.

  • to be able to choose whether features in other releases/workspaces are copied when copying an epic or copying a release which contains epics and therefore copies them. (The same could be true for copying an initiative which has epics and features feeding into it.

Also, here's a collection of other requests for greater flexibility when copying records.

It seems to me that what Aha! user are asking for is a dialogue box to pop up between the menu containing the copy option and performing the copy which provides the user with a set of options on what the copy should do:

  • Copy children all children or children in this workspace only (with permissions warning if trying to copy records into workspaces without write access.)

  • Copy links to parents (e.g. link to epic, initiative, goal)

  • Copy record links (dependencies etc)

  • Copy attachments

  • Etc.

This would save users a huge amount of time with repeatable, mundane process that are otherwise prone to human error.

  • Attach files