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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Features
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 18, 2016

As a user I want to have a link to the original epic/feature when I create a copy so I can get back to it

A common workflow for me is to create a copy of an epic from a product partner's project into my own project (i.e. they're developing a hardware feature and there's a need to reflect that feature in my software product).  Right now, the copy and move features in Aha work great.  I was hoping that Aha would automatically add a "Relates to" reference to the epic/feature that was copied, however.

    Jul 22, 2016

    Thank you for the request. At this time, one straightforward workaround would be to manually relate the two features together (after it has been copied).

    We're unlikely to automate this (due to the workaround) and because many of our customers have also told us that they would like to copy features (but that there should not be a link between the two). We hope you can understand.

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