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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Claire A
Created on Apr 14, 2023

When copying a release, we need the ability to opt-in (or out) of copying features as well.

We plan major releases on a quarterly basis. Once we finish overall quarterly planning under the quarterly release in Aha!, we copy the make a copy of the major release to create 2 minor releases as well to ultimately create a monthly release schedule.

The reason we copy releases is to avoid filling in many of the fields that details the release.

What we do NOT want copied is the list of features. That is due to the fact that we plan the release by the quarter initially under one release, then we split into the monthly releases so when we make copies of the release it leads to the same list of features being triplicated. This leads to additional non-value-adding time spent deleting triplicated features but we want to continue copying the release because it reduces the chance of human error missing important details of the release.

What we need instead is the ability to copy the details of the release two times and NOT the list features (either via a release template or ability to opt-in/out of copying features as well). From there, we can then drag the individual features to the correct release.

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