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Status Future consideration
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Created by Emily Yankush
Created on Aug 29, 2023

Combine or connect "Created by Aha! user" and "Created by contact" filters

In an ideas report, there is a column called "Idea created by".

Two filters currently point to this same field -- "Created by Aha! user" and "Created by contact".

When you click on the "..." option on the "Idea created by" field and select "Filter", only the "Created by contact" filter is added.

It would be easier if this filter was combined into one that included both Aha! users and portal users OR that both filters were added at once.

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    Aug 29, 2023

    I don't know if the two different filters need to be combined. They are looking for different things, after all. However, the system should let users know that there ARE 2 separate fields directly from the UI. Perhaps having 2 filter options on the column dropdown or a small modal asking which filter we want to use here (I hate more pop-ups, but it could work). That way, it would be obvious that 2 different fields/filters exist.