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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Madeleine Black
Created on Oct 7, 2022

Warn when there are incomplete Jira webhook settings

When setting up a webhook in Jira, you can choose specific events to trigger the webhook event. Some users accidentally select "Exclude body" which results in empty webhooks returning to Aha! and no updates being made.

Other users create the webhook but do not include required options such as issue_created or comment_created.


  • Within a Jira integration setting,on the webhook page, put a warning if we are receiving webhooks with an empty body from this URL, with guidance on how to rectify the problem (uncheck the "exclude body" in Jira webhook settings).

  • If possible, expose the events that we are (and aren't) receiving webhooks from so that users can tell within Aha! if we are receiving events and are guided to troubleshoot in Jira

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