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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Jira
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Created on Jan 30, 2021

Add support for Jira transition webhooks

Jira has two kinds of webhooks:

  1. Event webhooks that are triggered when a Jira event happens, for example an issue is updated. This is supported by the Aha! Jira integration

  2. Transition webhooks that are triggered when a Jira issue changes status. This is not currently supported by the Aha! Jira integration

More information about transition webhooks can be found at

Idea 1: document that transition webhooks are not currently supported

Idea 2: implement support for transition webhooks

Reason: event webhooks have performance problems in large Jira instances because they run a JQL query for every event. We have hundreds of events/second so Jira performance suffers. We can only use transition webhooks to integrate Jira with other systems.


Since the payloads for event and transition webhooks differ only by a few values it is possible to build a bridge server that converts a transition payload to an event payload. This is extra work that could be avoided if the Aha! integration also accepted the transition payload.

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