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Categories Jira
Created by Madeleine Black
Created on Oct 7, 2022

Add a "Do I need a webhook" test on Jira integration screen

When a user creates a Jira integration, the final screen automatically provides a webhook URL. There is an instruction in the help text above that indicates that you may not need to create the webhook, but many users are not aware as to whether a webhook exists already and either reach out for support or create their own webhook which results in duplicate updates being received from Jira.


  • Do not expose the URL right away. Replace with a prompt to test whether another webhook is required.

  • Clicking the prompt to test, should check if we have received any recent Aha! webhooks from Jira coming from the same server as the integration. Or, if technically possible, to query the Jira server webhooks and check if any Aha! active webhooks exist that have come from this instance of Aha! [not sure if this is possible without a Connect or OAuth app]

  • If we have received recent webhook events or we have determined that there is an existing webhook, add a message that indicates as much, and have the user click to retrieve this integrations webhook URL

  • If not, expose the webhook URL right away and give instructions on how to add the webhook alongside the URL

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