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Status Future consideration
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Created on Aug 28, 2019

Allow a single Azure DevOps webhook to support updates across multiple Aha! integrations

With Jira, a single Aha! webhook added at the system level supports updates across all Aha! integrations.


This makes scaling integrations simple as after the first setup, a user never has to add another webhook.


With Azure DevOps (TFS), each integration requires its unique webhook to be added as a service hook. And, due to how Azure DevOps handles service hook configuration, that webhook has to be added 3 separate times. Once for Updates, once for Creates, and once for Deletes.


This means a user with 10 integrations has to create 30 service hooks. It quickly becomes painful to manage.


The service hooks are added at the project level, so it seems logical that a single hook created to manage update events should be able to handle update events for every Aha! integration. This would mean that same user would only need 3 service hooks total instead of 30. 

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  • Guest
    Oct 19, 2020

    So if only one ADO webhook is needed, which webhook URL from Aha is used? Each Aha integration has its own URL.