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Created by Stephanie Redl
Created on Dec 7, 2020

Allow creation of custom tabs in the new layout

It would be great if it would be possible to add our own tabs in the new layout, especially for Features. With some custom fields, the Overview tab gets filled up quite quickly and it's hard to spot the field you need, you scroll up and down and search and search...

Maybe also sections within the Overview tab would help, so you could group similar things together.

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  • Megan Sullivan
    Mar 11, 2022

    It would be nice if this were offered for all levels and not just enterprise plus as it definitely impacts the usability when adding custom fields. Smaller companies really would benefit from being able to organize their custom fields and allow them the ability to scale more easily. Incorporating best practices from the beginning, allows them to collect and use the data to help spawn growth. They have many of the same use cases as larger companies - fields mapping to their integrations, financial metrics and security compliance (with B2G companies).

  • Andras Blake
    Sep 29, 2021

    This would be particularly awesome if the tabs acted like field groups. For example, we have a lot of fields related to financial planning, and those fields need to appear on every Feature. This means that any time financial needs a new field, we have to go to every single Feature layout and make sure to add the field to both create and view, and make sure that it is in the right order. This creates a ridiculous amount of work, particularly when each group often wants their own layout. But being able to add the field to a "Financial" group, which can then just be displayed on a Financial tab for each feature (that the tab is enabled for), and know that it replicates out properly would just be awesome. We could then leave the Overview tab for basic information about the Feature, and then maybe add a group-specific tab to group together the fields needed by the group to track the work that they do. All of the sudden, the ridiculous sprawl of feature layouts would become so very, VERY simple to manage... instead of the current mess.

  • Jerimiah Rudden
    Aug 12, 2021

    Our use case for this would be to separate different sections of a feature into a tab so we can reduce the amount of scrolling and provide a better experience for the stakeholders to easily see details of the feature. As an example we would create tabs for teams, dates (general availability, beta, limited availability, etc.), and links to documentation.

  • Guest
    Jun 4, 2021

    This feature would definitely improve usability. Also, it will be good if we have the ability to create sections within a tab.

  • Guest
    Apr 30, 2021

    If / when this idea becomes a reality, the enhancement would be most beneficial if the ability to add custom tabs were possible against Initiatives, Epics, Releases, and Features. This should not be limited to only Features as I believe the original request noted.

  • Karie Kelly
    Jan 29, 2021

    Concur with the need. Currently, all fields are added to the Overview tab which can result in significant scrolling, risk of not inputting or seeing relevant fields for a given workflow, and become inefficient.

    We want to utilize Aha! as the source of the products' / portfolio's source of record for roadmap and feature prioritization, following from idea through design, development, release and adoption. Within these different workflows, additional information is needed so as to maintain a single source of truth and record. The type of feature can also dictate specific fields. For example, our documentation/specialty content requires custom fields related to compliance and security reviews; other fields pertain to all such as the different cohort rollout dates to convey availability, internal release notes, external release notes, educational resources, pendo messaging, ebitda financial treatment, capex financial treatment, associated engineering system references, etc. It would be most helpful to have tabs that articulate their objective and have the ability to then add those custom fields to the tabs - this keeps the information organized and succinct. For example, we would have integration references, release details, financial details.

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