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Integrate reports from Salesforce for display within a dashboard in Aha!

Reports from salesforce (like module penetration, sales pipeline by product, etc.) are key information for our Product Managers. Being able to see these reports within Aha! would minimise the number of platforms they need to use to do their work e...
James D almost 4 years ago in Salesforce 1 Future consideration

Don't Group By Filters when the field isn't in the Report

When you add filters to a report like "Goals" and a feature is associated with more than 1 goal it duplicates the lines in the report. However, when the field that you are filtering on is NOT in the data set it shouldn't be grouping by this field ...
Guest over 7 years ago in Reports 1 Will not implement

Select All Options in Filter Search Result

Currently not allowed would be nice to have available. Use case is validation that all of our hundreds of item have the correct setting enable. Only way to do this currently is to re-update everything in mass.
Alex B almost 4 years ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Improve the creation, change and management of the Line and Workspace capabilities in easy-to-use way(s)

There needs to be a 'better' way to create the Line and Workspace hierarchy Right now, you go to an arcane place ( Account / Customizations / Workspaces ) Then you create a Line, … then you create a workspace ( or another Line ) This is a Wizard-l...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Add the capability to allow users to remove their PI data (ie email and name) from the ideas portal profile, while maintaining the ideas they submitted

Due to various EU data privacy laws, many companies need the ability to have users 'be forgotten' from systems. Ideally, this should be done in a self-service manner by the user (as they see it as critical to them). Today, it requires the user to...
Kevin O'Connor over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

Hide Master releases from Gantt Roadmap Reports/Views

I manage a program across multiple product portfolio, one that uses master releases per quarter and one that does not. When I try to pull a release roadmap report, there isn't a way to hide the master releases from the view. I've solved this probl...
Wen-Wen Lin almost 4 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Promoted idea reference ID should be visible to all users

When an idea is promoted to a product that a user cannot see (for example, it moves to a different workspace), the ID of the feature should still be displayed to the user. Without this information, it means that all users must be users inside ever...
Yancey Larochelle-Williams almost 4 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Worksheet formula for rounding up

Having a formula in the custom worksheet for rounding values up, regardless of decimal values would be very useful and beneficial. Eg: 14.2 -> 15
Guest almost 4 years ago in  2 Future consideration

Tag implemented ideas with product version

Our customers are sometimes not on the latest version of our software so we sometimes get asked when a feature or idea was implemented. One of them recently suggested that it would be nice to see a list of version numbers or at least the first ver...
Tobias Lehtipalo over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

# Mention User Story Map Record Type

Pretty straightforward, would be great to be able to # mention user story maps in Aha! records. Today I was working within a strategic model and wanted to reference a brand new workflow opportunity for a product. Instead of mentioning individual r...
Mike Maylone almost 4 years ago in User story map 0 Future consideration