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Automation: support setting a date field to a value relative to another date field

I wanted to create an automation to update the external release date to match the release date on a release when that changes. Arguably we should just do this automatically already... but I was hoping that Automation would solve the issue After se...
Todd Meyer over 4 years ago in Account settings 5 Shipped

Improve the loading speed of the integrations list

What is the challenge? We have many integrations configured. Every time I click the integrations "+" button, it takes forever to load. What is the impact? It is taking more than 25 seconds in some cases. The long loading times hurt productivity. D...
Nathaniel Collum 2 months ago in Integrations 0 Shipped

Improve the loading speed of several highly used fields in Aha!

What is the challenge? Improve the loading speed of several highly used fields in Aha! Particularly, we are having trouble with... Features > Release field Feature > Initiative field Release > Initiative field What is the impact? It is ta...
Nathaniel Collum 2 months ago in  0 Shipped

Allow for custom domains for KBs

What is the challenge? Customers would like to configure a custom domain for their KBs. How would you solve it? Allow the user to specify a custom domain, similar to what already exists for ideas portals. What impact would it make? Easier access t...
Emily Yankush 4 months ago in Knowledge base / Notes 0 Shipped

Guide users to reload configuration when missing field in mappings

When new fields are added in the development system, they are not automatically shown in the Aha! integration mappings screen. Users do not intuitively know to click the "Reload configuration" button, and also do not know to check the Jira create/...
Madeleine Black almost 2 years ago in Jira 0 Shipped
111 VOTE

Integrate with Asana

We really like Asana for day-to-day development work and bug tracking.
Suzanne Vaughan over 9 years ago in Asana / Wanted 26 Shipped
104 VOTE

Set default field values for custom fields at the product level

We have a standard set of custom fields that we are inheriting across all products. This ensure data consistency on how we describe features. However for some products the field can be defaulted; For example we may have a product that has a featur...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Features 17 Shipped

Portal users filter Ideas by email domain / organization

I have portal users who are asking to filter based on their own company's domain name. In particular, our customers' software administrators would like to know what requests their employees are making to us through the portal. They may have some t...
Susan Parker about 6 years ago in Ideas portal 5 Shipped

Rerank feature board by any feature attribute

Currently the options by which you can rerank the Feature Board are fixed to a set number of attributes. I would often like to rerank the Features in my releases by date (start on/due) or even a Feature custom field. It would be great if the F...
Justin Woods almost 7 years ago in Features 11 Shipped

Custom fields for Notes

We need the ability to tag specific notes so they are easier to find when searching Aha! Additionally, sometimes it's helpful to store additional metadata about a note (components, customers, etc.). This metadata goes beyond categorizing the notes.
Nathaniel Collum about 4 years ago in Application / Notes 0 Shipped