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Indicate whether a workspace is based off a template or not

When reviewing the list of workspaces via Settings > Account > Workspaces, it is not clear if a given workspace is based off a workspace template or not. There should be a way to see whether which workspace template is applied to a given wor...
Mark Eaves over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Aha User Management: Please provide a history for each user

Use Case: I would like to have a running history for each user that can be accessed (when were they granted access, dates permissions to various products were applied, when they were deactivated, etc.) Ideally this data would also be exportable.
Joe Carpenter over 7 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Customizing a message on Record not Found Page

Now the 'contact us' on Record not Found page directs users to, and therefore users without access to certian workspaces: go to Aha! support first Aha! support has to direct the users to the billing admins of our instance. The accou...
Hank Liu over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Capacity Planning for Teams: Allow Team Layout to be assigned at the workspace level

Currently the Capacity Planning Team Layout is at the account level and cannot be moved
Mike Jacobson over 2 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Assign me to activities and to-dos automatically

Whenever I create a new activity, or a to-do within that activity, it defaults to "unassigned". We found that for our workspace, it can only set a default assignee across all projects. We would like to be able to set defaults at more granular leve...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Account settings 4 Shipped

Export list of users

As an account administrator, I would like the ability to export a list of all my users to a .csv file and include information on their last login as well as their user role access to the various product/product lines in my account. Name E...
Danny Archer over 8 years ago in Account settings 2 Shipped

Conditionally Required Fields based on workflow status

Make fields required based on workflow status. I would like the ability to make fields required once they reach a certain workflow status or statuses. This would foster the notion that at creation and exploratory, we may not know all the details a...
Michael F almost 3 years ago in Account settings 3 Shipped

Ability to Clone Custom Field Layouts

We have some Products that have slight variations of already existing layouts and it would be extremely efficient to not have to recreate the entire layout for each section. If able to clone, we could just clone existing layout which is close and ...
Jason Colon about 7 years ago in Account settings 2 Shipped

Support for custom tables in advanced custom layouts

The advanced custom layouts are a great way for progressively showing additional custom fields as a record progresses through the layout. However it currently does not support custom tables, specifically one-to-many custom field relationships. Thi...
Mark Eaves over 2 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Disable all Develop options in Delivery Risks when it's not part of my org's account

The new delivery risk functionality is 💯 - except everything now has a delivery risk for "No team" - which doesn't make sense when my organization doesn't use Aha! Develop. This seems to be an issue with the Develop section of Delivery risks being...
David I. 10 months ago in Account settings 2 Shipped