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Created on Oct 5, 2018

Ability to require Paid Seat Group selection

We have Paid Seat Groups established, and have an internal policy that all licensed users need to belong to a seat group. However, we still have admins who forget to add this because they aren't promoted for it when adding a user from products>users>add user>existing users screen. This results in a Paid Seat Group admin thinking they have seats available, but there aren't any because seats were assigned without a group. 

    Nov 7, 2023

    Thank you for your idea. It is required for paid seat group owners who are not billing admins to select a paid seat group when adding a brand new user. Additionally we have made an update since this idea was submitted which now provides a way for billing admins and paid seat group owners to set a paid seat group when granting existing users a paid seat.

    A paid seat group is still not required in Account > Users and we are unlikely to make it required. This is because the same permissions control access to this page and the paid seat groups administration.

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  • Hank Liu
    Sep 27, 2023

    The same here. Our policy does not allow paid seat group owners to distribute licenses to users with paid seat group set as “none”.

    A lack of "paid seat group" option in "Edit User" interface under workspace user management had made license hard to manage.


    * Business units are able to consuming more licenses than what are distributed to their paid seat group.
    * Only admins is able to find out those cases from the Billing – Users interface by filtering.

    Expected behaviour:

    * “Paid seat group” option should be available in the “Edit User” interface of workspace user setting, and paid seat group owners should only be able to select the paid seat groups they owns.
    * In the “Edit User” interface of workspace user setting, if “paid seat group” is set as “none” for users who consume a license, error message should display “You must select a paid seat group. If all groups are full you may ask a billing administrator to allocate more paid seats to one of them. You can also request that a billing administrator add more seats to your account.” just like the behaviour of “Add User” interface of workspace user setting.

  • Guest
    Oct 30, 2019

    Same for our org on the comment below.  We have not implemented it yet, but we are looking at user creation via SSO and adding those users with Reviewer access.  We then were wanting to have Paid Seat Group Owners assign Contributor access for their own product lines within the allotment given to their Paid Seat Groups.  This is not possible with the current model as we do not want to give Billing access to these Paid Seat Group Owners so this puts the responsibility on the application support team.

  • Guest
    Sep 17, 2019

    This is very unfortunate to hear. Having to assign roles/licenses to existing users is required 99% of the time for our account, as we rely on SSO for account creation. 

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