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Created by Brooke Watson
Created on May 21, 2019

Groups for Non-Paid Seats

I am regularly asked to provide reports of active users for specific business units.  I can pull this out of Aha! for the paid seat users using the "Paid Seat Group" fields but I have to manually put this together for the non-paid seat groups, which can be very time consuming.  It would be more beneficial for me to assign a "seat group" to all users and use the "paid seat" field in the user export to determine whether or not they have a paid seat.

    May 21, 2019

    Thank you for your request. Great news! It is currently possible to add viewers and reviewers to paid seat groups. These will not count toward seats used in the group, but will show up in the total counts. The paid seat group will then be listed in the user export.

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