Please allow paid seat groups to have no paid seats in it.

We use the paid seat group to ensure everyone is assigned to a group that they belong to.  Sometimes we have users that are temporarily given a license (floated) that is unused to help with setups/integrations/review of how things work.  Please just allow us to create as many groups as we want....tell how many paid seats should be in that group, but let us assign who ever we want to what ever group.  Keep the notification when more than the identified number of seats is exceeded.  This is great in ensuring we keep the list clean.  Seems like a super fast change to make which will make user management for us much easier.  I would also just have a "General" reviewer group for people that don't identify with a market segment.  No paid licenses...but could group a lot of people.

  • Troy Beyer
  • Mar 8 2018
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  • Troy Beyer commented
    March 08, 2018 18:54

    To clarify...we want to have a paid seat group where 0 paid seats are allowed in it.

  • Lindsay Hanrahan commented
    June 29, 2018 21:42

    As an Admin User, I want the ability to assign a "group" to each user so that we can easily see each user's team / functional area regardless of the type of access they have to the system (paid seat / reviewer only / etc.).
    Note: We were previously able to do this. It seems like with the enhancement released today, the rules are more rigid. We can no longer create a new group if the sum of the allowed paid seats allocated across existing groups = the maximum # of paid seats. If you allow for groups with 0 paid seats it would allow us to accomplish this while still keeping a more rigid set of rules in place so that teams aren't competing for licenses.

    Also seems like today's change means that it will be more difficult for us to let another team borrow a seat if a team is down a person or something like that.  It can be done but more steps are involved, which is a pain.  One team will max out and have to negotiate with another team to get their available license, someone will have to make the change to both groups, assign the license, and then either change it back or the team who loaned the license would have to acquire an additional license.