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Hover text on Jira integration to show project & board

In workspace settings, once an integration is established, it would be nice to be able hover over the integration and see at a glance the project and board without clicking into the integration and looking at the project/board setup.
Guest 12 days ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

Add ability to customize the "Integration updates" modal

Request the ability to customize what is displayed and in what order on the "Integration updates" modal. We are integrated with Azure DevOps (ADO) Services, so our specific request is to display the ADO ID at the top level on this modal. It will m...
Guest 12 days ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration

Limit workspace users choice to 1 user instead of multiple (like the Assigned to) field

I need to add the workspace users as a custom field in my template and currently it doesn't limit to just one user, it allows multiple users which I cannot have. Can we have an option to make it a single choice only. in the attached graphic is the...
Stacy Monnahan 26 days ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration

Jira Integration of custom calculated field

We have a Jira project that supports multiple engineering teams. Each team has their own release schedule. We need a way populate fixversions in jira with team specific values. The creation of a custom field that combines "product prefix-release n...
Russell Roach almost 2 years ago in Jira 2 Future consideration

Automate status from devops

The status from devops should automate the status of the feature or requirement in Aha!
Guest 14 days ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Already exists

Enhance aha to github integration to include Projects Beta

We started looking into testing the integration with and aha and noticed that Github has new functionality ‘Projects Beta’ which gives users spreadsheet like functionality to group issues and pull requests (screenshots attached). These ...
Guest 7 months ago in GitHub 1 Future consideration

Allow mapping to the Rally iteration field

There is a built-in Rally field named iteration. It would be useful in many situations to map the iteration field to an Aha! field.
Austin Merritt 4 months ago in Rally 3 Future consideration

Integrate with Miro

Hi, would you consider integration with Miro, formerly RealTime Board? This is a great diagraming app, and has a good Jira integration which I was going to use in a convoluted way by pushing from Jira to Aha to get visibility back in Aha. In reali...
Guest almost 3 years ago in User story map / Wanted 8 Unlikely to implement
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Integration with Power BI

Would be great to have a premade data service in Power BI so we can use the data from Aha to see progress against other outcomes and data
James Davis almost 6 years ago in Wanted 17 Unlikely to implement

Apply "Update records" to a subset of records in an integration

The "Update records" function is very useful when Aha! Roadmaps becomes out of sync with my development tool- I can use it to bulk-update all of my linked records to make sure they are up to date with Jira. But, there is risk inherent in this kind...
Reilly O'Connor 19 days ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration