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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Project Parker
Created on Mar 21, 2018

JIRA Integration: Adding Master Feature, Initiative & Goal Record Links

The use case is so that those working primarily in JIRA can understand “why” they are being asked to deliver “what” has been requested.

In the screenshot attached, it shows a section of the JIRA issue interface. It then shows a tab created specifically for AHA information. This is viewing the issue type Epic. You can see the Aha rank & the Aha reference.

Clicking on the Aha reference will take the user to the feature in Aha. This will contain the same information as the Epic already in JIRA. When viewed in that lens, the value of this link is therefore limited.

As a user primarily operating in JIRA, understanding what helps to articulate the how, but understanding the "why" enables confidence that the "how" is correctly meeting the acceptance criteria to deliver what needs to be done.

The request is is to ask for additional record links to be possible at master feature, feature and story level. If we can send across the link to the corresponding goal, and a separate record link to be able to send across the corresponding initiative, this will help with the Why. Further, if a third record link can be added which enables features to send across the link to any corresponding master feature, then the JIRA user will get all the information they need to understand why they are being ask what it is they need to deliver.

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  • Karie Kelly
    May 28, 2022

    If you use master feature/epic in Aha! that does map to Jira's epic and you can link.

    Initiatives are not supported, but a similar type of relationship and need.

    It appears there are a few ideas related to this same need which all have lots of votes. Hopefully Aha! can review and merge to assess the value that everyone is needed.

    For us, we need initiatives in Jira so that engineering and see the value without navigating to Aha! as Jira is their primary source; they also have their own engineering roadmap for technology and we should be operating with the same list of overall initiatives for operational and financial reporting.

  • Guest
    Jun 15, 2021

    We map aha features to jira epics. We also use Master Features in aha and would be great to be able to map a Feature's Master Feature ticket number to a custom field in the Jira epic for sorting / reference purposes

  • Guest
    Jun 9, 2021

    I have to agree with Michelle - Using our resources to engineer workarounds in order to have Master Features indicated on our Jira records has been less than desirable. This should be easy...

  • Michelle Antici
    Jun 9, 2021

    Seems like a pretty obvious miss that you can't integrate a Master Feature over to Jira.

  • Kim Siddle
    Jun 7, 2021

    We would also like to map in Goals to Jira! I agree with Linda, as this is a field that we could map as string, custom field, etc. Any way to have our Jira visibility included is critical for our product planning process.

  • Guest
    Jun 7, 2021

    Would love to add this functionality AHA. Please add. Would make our lives so much easier!

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Jun 19, 2020

    Yes, I would like to be able to bring Goals over to Jira in order to be able to group various Epics that are across multiple Initiatives/MF.

  • Linda Boone
    Apr 30, 2019

    Come now AHA! - This can't be this difficult to add


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