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As a PM I would like to add badging capabilities to give incentive to external customers and prospective customers to submit new ideas and comment on existing ideas logged in AHA.

Offering extrernal ideation is worthless if people do not use the tool. If AHA provides comanies a way to reward end users through regonition for contributions based on volume, quality of detail, implemention success or other criteria users will b...
Karla Carpenter about 7 years ago in Ideas portal 3 Unlikely to implement

Allow Portal Users to download CSV exports of Ideas

As an Idea Portal User (and not Aha admin) I would like to be able to download a CSV export of Idea list view(s) from either the Idea Portal or through a published Notebook.
Jonathan Strutt almost 7 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow manual sort of Idea Categories

Currenty Idea Categories are alphabetically sorted. So in order to force a sort order, I needed to add numbers infront of the category. The numbers are kind of akward but do the trick.
Guest almost 9 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Unlikely to implement

Add new idea by email with fields filled from an email template

Use case: the customer support and the sales department use another tool to capture customer communication. When they receive a suggestion, they log it in a template that sends an email to the PM team tool. Info like category and urgency level is ...
Magalie Allard about 9 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Proxy Voting: Public Portal Use

It would be great if we could use proxy voting on a public facing ideas portal but have the proxy voting display only for internal users (i.e., like a private comment). Our use case is that we run a system with multiple versions of an application ...
Elizabeth Wakefield over 3 years ago in Voting 4 Unlikely to implement

Add voting limitation by company/email domain

As a user, I would like to have the ability to define number of votes available by the company or email domain of my portal users, so that I can provide a balance between larger and smaller customers. Our client sizes can vary significantly, so wh...
Norah Brennan almost 6 years ago in Voting 0 Unlikely to implement

To-do list default for Ideas Assessment

A default to-do list default for Ideas Assessment. This will help when you have a big team of Product Managers to evaluate the Ideas. The default To-do list will help to make sure the workflow consistent and ideas will be evaluated from the same a...
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Add permissions at the product-level without granting product line permissions

We work with partners to help us develop products (external development team) and we want them to have access to Aha and the ability to respond to Todos and Comments. Today, if you are a viewer or reviewer, you see the offering you are assigned al...
Guest over 6 years ago in User management 1 Unlikely to implement

Allow user to be deleted through API

Currently user can be only disabled through API. however there is no way to delete users from the portal no matter if they are disabled or enabled. Please add Delete option in the api for the user object.
Guest almost 7 years ago in User management 2 Unlikely to implement

Accept multiple external authentication endpoints for SSO in the ideas portal so customers can be secured via MFA

We have managed to setup SSO for internal staff members, but it's currently not possible to accept multi federal. What we need is either a SSO for Microsoft account or multi federated so our customers can seamlessly login with microsoft SSO.
Clare Bonsall about 2 years ago in Ideas portal 4 Unlikely to implement