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idea display

What is the challenge? I can't see ideas in a nice way. They have to be converted to features to get roadmaps, they cannot be sorted or grouped the way that would be helpful in lists. A big big list of ideas is overwhelming to manage and hard to d...
Guest 24 days ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Ability to report on workspace line custom fields in a record hierarchy

Who would benefit? Product Managers, Programme Managers, Project Managers What impact would it make? You could add custom fields at a workspace line level and be able to report on this information at higher-levels of your record hierarchy How shou...
Terence Osmeña about 2 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Reportable field for Idea portal comment DATE

Who would benefit? Idea Portal Administrators What impact would it make? Make it possible to easily find comments that were recently added to portal ideas. How should it work? When I'm creating a report on Ideas, I want there to be fields for the ...
Amanda K 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow embedding Aha! Develop and Sprint/Release Retrospective reports in a dashboard

As a user of Aha! Develop, I want to add the sprint burndowns of multiple teams onto a dashboard for monitoring overall progress. Adding the velocity and throughput reports would help me to monitor the efficiency of the team with regards to contin...
Dale Potter almost 2 years ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow fetching last team status change in list reports in Aha Develop

What is the challenge? We use data based on team status changes (timestamps) in Aha Develop for some custom calculations, e.g. in custom List reports. This works very nicely for features which exist only in an Aha Develop Team. However, features w...
Guest 24 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Automatic refresh of Aha! data in Excel (or PowerPoint)

It would be great if we had the choice of maintining an active link to data when exporting to Excel (or hopefully one day to PowerPoint) so that the Excel can be refreshed with the latest data in the report. I am envisioning sth like it is descri...
Markus Gujer over 5 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

Password protection for "Share as webpage"

Previously, we heavily used the "notebooks" feature to publish a scrollable webpage view of our feature lists for our Engineering teams that we didn't want to give access to our main Aha account. Now that "notebooks" have morphed into "presentatio...
Guest over 4 years ago in Reports 20 Future consideration

Advanced Permission for Report creators

When I create a Roadmap or a report, I am effectively the owner. I can change any aspect of that report. However, at times I may be building it for someone else to use and manage, and I want the ability to change the ownership of that report at a ...
Andrew Brooks about 4 years ago in Reports 12 Future consideration

Values in drop-downs for filters in reports would be based on the actual results, not all valid values

What is the challenge? We have a sales territory hierarchy and so the valid values of one field depends on the previous other values chosen. However right now, if choose the USA as an Area, I still have choices like England and Spain for the Regio...
Matt Kalan 25 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Dashboard filters should not rely on underlying embedded filters

Who would benefit? Users with dashboards that have embedded reports. What impact would it make? It would make the dashboard filtering behavior far more intuitive How should it work? When you add a dashboard filter, the filter should be applied, ev...
Will Lawrence about 2 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration