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Multiple Production SFDC connections from single Aha! instance

Currently we have several different instances of SFDC across the global selling segments and would like to standardize a way to enter RFE’s into the system. Our position is that it must start with SFDC given the connection to revenue opportunity t...
Guest about 6 years ago in Product 0 Shipped

Add prefix & ID number to Initiatives list when linking two records

When linking two records (using actions->link to another record) and select "These Initiatives" from the left drop down. The resulting list is just the name of all of the initiatives. There is no prefix-## which makes it very hard for teams to ...
Devik Lansing almost 7 years ago in Product 2 Shipped

Clearly illustrate when there are inherited fields and values when adding new custom fields.

My team manages several products in a hierarchical company/product group/individual product hierarchy. We also make heavy use of custom fields. When adding a new custom field, it's not immediately apparent what will already be inherited by the pr...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Product 0 Shipped

Allow for clickable links within custom fields and description fields

We are importing links into our descriptions and custom fields and would love for them to clickable from within Aha!
Guest over 8 years ago in Product 0 Shipped

Cascade select/deselect of parent items to child items in filters

When filtering, if an item has child items, selecting or deselecting the parent should cascade the same to the children. If specific children are wanted or not wanted, select or deselect them individually.
Guest over 8 years ago in Product 2 Shipped

Creating branding for multiple products - Instead of Just company level

It would be great to allow branding for multiple products to segregate each product and its associated brand. Since one company may have multiple business lines & product offerings having its own unique sub-brands.
Guest over 8 years ago in Product 0 Shipped

global settings for enabling ideas, planning, etc

At this moment most settigs (like enabling ideas and planning) has to be done per product. Since we have a lot of products in AHA! we have to change these settings for every new product. Please could you make it possible to change default settings...
Guest about 9 years ago in Product 2 Shipped

Link directly to Product Settings

If you're somewhere else in the app, it's a minimum of two clicks (Account Settings > Product Settings, Product Overview > Configure) to get to the product settings page. It would be nice if we could get there directly. Attached is a mockup...
Tim Dorr over 9 years ago in Product 0 Shipped

Typo in your footer has a typo in the footer: I believe "Submit and idea" should be "Submit an idea".
Marta Cooke over 4 years ago in Product 1 Shipped

Checkboxes in notes

It would be great if checkboxes could be added into the description of Notes, so things like a rolling meeting agenda could be tracked more efficiently. If this means a Markdown style feature in notes, that would definitely work.
Guest over 5 years ago in Product 0 Shipped