I would like to be able to show dependencies in the Roadmap Timeline and Pivot views

We have an internal technology group that releases core functionality that other products are dependent on. I need to be able to show that to the execs so they can visually understand one of the internal constraints of delivering the product.

This is a Release to Release dependency.

As an example, in the good ol' days BA (Before Aha!), we'd do something in powerpoint like the attached.

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  • Mar 20 2015
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  • J. Mile commented
    June 12, 2015 20:01

    I requested something similar

  • Guest commented
    October 05, 2015 18:16

    I would also like to show the reverse.  If we plan to create an experience next year, but the technology group hasn't yet planned the technology that will be needed, we'd like to have some way to show that there is a gap or a need.

  • Lonnie VanZandt commented
    December 14, 2015 23:46

    Technology is one driver to Roadmaps but there are more. Generally, a good "technology roadmap" for a product portfolio shows Features, Technologies, Skills, Staff, Funding, Calendar Events, and Disrupting Threats. The two screenshots (from PersonalBrain) show a few of the kinds of roadmaps that are needed. This paper (one of several like it) http://www.vgu.edu.vn/fileadmin/pictures/studies/MBA/Handbook_Roadmapping.pdf illustrate a few of the common needed patterns.

    Generally, one must be able to show the evolution of multiple facets of a solution domain (capability, technology, economics, skills) over time on the same graphic AND show the dependencies between the facets.

    Only then can an Enterprise Architect, a Product Owner, a Project Manager, a Scrum Master, or a Buyer answer the crucial "What if?" questions.

    So +100 for the original poster's capability request. What's the ETA?