Visualize Dependencies On Feature Roadmap

It would be very helpful to more easily see the dependencies of a feature and a quick status icon from the Feature Roadmap overview.  I know you can go into each feature today and then see the dependencies, however it would be very helpful to quickly scan and see how many features and how many dependencies are off track.  I know we can do something similar on the Release roadmap view, but the feature roadmap would be a better location.  Having the option to turn these on and off like you can with Themes and Initiatives etc would make it easy to customize the feature roadmap depending on the intended audience.

  • Troy Beyer
  • Sep 22 2017
  • Likely to implement
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  • Troy Beyer commented
    05 Jan 21:52

    Is there any chance to make this happen soon?  Should would be nice to see at a glance of the roadmap what features and what releases have dependencies.  

  • WILLIAM BOSTIC commented
    21 Mar 15:08

    To be clear, what is desired is the ability to display record link ID's on the feature cards.  Record links could be a more useful feature with this enhancement.  

  • rich ahlberg commented
    21 Mar 17:33

    It would be fantastic to get this implemented ASAP.