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Created on Mar 18, 2015

Automatic Release themes from feature scorecard summed component values

Features have scorecards that allow comparing against each other.  Releases however should also follow specific themes, whatever the immediate drivers are.  For a release, we should be able to auto-rollup the sums of feature scorecard components to reveal an automatic release "bucketing".  

Following Adam Nash and other's release theme thinking (which works very well), we should be able to

1) designate existing scorecard components as "rolled up to release theme scorecard"


2) Create new feature scorecard components that are designated as Release Theme Scorecard components (and potentially excluded from the feature score) , where the values are either 0,1 or 2 and where the user sets the name of the scorecard component.  Each of those names are then copied to the release theme scorecare.  Whatever the sum values across the feature scorecards are will generate the component score for the release and will reveal the overall theme.  

Values can be represented as a percentage for clarity and simplicity.  This would immediately reveal the overall potential effect of the release as well as negate/substantiate any arguments.

    Jan 14, 2016

    With recent updates of Pivot table calculations, it is now possible to do this. Please see the blog post for more details: 

    You can create a saved view which shows the sums of the Scorecard component values for each release, allowing you analyze this information and prioritize your releases.

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