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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 18, 2018

Be able to bulk update only rank or a single field within JIRA integration

Normally our product managers works on Initiatives in Aha! by editing/ranking them. Those field changes and ranking will sync to Jira backlog for architect team to work on follow priority of Initiatives. When a rank is changed for a record in Aha!. Only that record's updates are sent over to Jira automatically. This would result in duplicate rank numbers being seen and Jira will order those duplicated rank different from Aha!.

I've been advised to manually bulk update for entire backlog to correct rank number synced to Jira. This takes times to sync all fields of every huge backlog at a time. As we need to manually bulk update to correct the rank numbers every week, it would be great if we can sync only rank field to correct the order.



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