Update JIRA integration when feature ranking changes in Aha

I have a Aha to JIRA integration set up which allows me to prioritise features in Aha by a combination of Rank and Score.  We frequently re-prioritise cards in Aha (therefore changing the rank) but this doesn't trigger an update in JIRA. I rarely change the Score, as I don't wanted to use this to manipulate any change in priority.

I have been trialing Aha for my company over the last year, and have recently managed to convince the company of the benefits of Aha as a product management tool and to adopt for all our product teams across the globe. However, this is my number one gripe with Aha and the lack of support for triggering updates to JIRA (which all our dev teams use) is perceived as a problem.

This was raised under support request #312749 and was told  that this could 'create a lot of traffic' with regards to JIRA updates.  Well, I'm creating that 'traffic' today, and the only problem its causing is that I have to remember to 'resend all fields' for all cards below the card I've re-prioritised. Not a great use experience and one that causes confusion.

Also - there is a bug where the ‘history’ on the feature isn’t updated when the ranking changes for cards that aren’t moved. 

Mapping an Aha release to a JIRA release is not an option for me, as these are 4 weekly releases, and I don’t want to map Aha features into 4 week windows. 

I could really do with Aha supporting the ability to resend an updated priority to JIRA whenever a card priority changed.

  • Steve Brunt
  • Mar 6 2019
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  • Andrew F commented
    June 05, 2019 19:14

    agreed - can't believe there isn't a louder chorus on this one.. seemingly minor but causing huge headaches

    as far as "creating traffic" it doesn't seem like the right solution to disregard features whose rank was update by virtue of getting bumped by other features added above them.

    what "problem" are we trying to solve, anyway? (Product Management 101 to follow)

    if the goal is to reduce traffic between Aha! and JIRA (or VSTS or whatever), then sure, simply NOT syncing this field is a great solution.  However, the goal is to manage a product roadmap and for that we need the rank to be updated for the integration if it changes (regardless of how it came to be changed).  Otherwise, what good is that field if it can't be trusted?  So the current solution is obviously not acceptable.

    One solution: always and immediately sync ever feature every time the rank is updated. 

    • Granted, not ideal due to excessive traffic.


    Alternate solution: buffer for a few minutes and then sync the updated rank for any feature whose rank hasn't changed in, let's say, 5 minutes.  This keeps everything in sync and doesn't produce any additional traffic while you shuffle things around.. probably less traffic than would would be produced by the suggested workaround (resend all fields for each feature individually), not to mention less error prone

    • side note, this is similar to the solution we are using for our appointment notification system.. "appointment updated" notifications are delayed in case there are several changes that need to be made.  Excessive updates (traffic) were eliminated, but this was accomplished while still sending out (relatively) timely and certainly sufficient notifications.