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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Jira
Created by Kevin Burges
Created on Sep 28, 2017

Only update Jira FixVersion if the Release has actually changed in Aha and the Jira FixVersion has not been edited

In my process I want Aha to be my master in terms of planning, but allow Jira to update details as actual releases are made. By this I mean that I will plan a release such as "Q4 2017" in Aha and push to Jira. As work is completed in Jira the issue will be set to complete and the FixVersion set to the release number, e.g "4.0.1". 
Currently the status change in Jira causes the status in Aha to be updated. This then causes Aha to send the feature/requirement back to Jira. Aha sees that the Jira issue has a different FixVersion and resets the FixVersion to the one from Aha.
In this example I have at no point changed the Release details for the feature/requirement in Aha or re-sent the feature/requirement to Jira, and so I would not expect the FixVersion to be updated in Jira. The fact that it is being updated is breaking my Jira process.


The best solution for me would be to only update the Jira FixVersion if the following are both true:

- The Release has changed in Aha

- The FixVersion has not been edited in Jira


This would mean that I can change my plan in Aha as much as I want and the related Jira issues will be updated to match, until someone sets a specific FixVersion in Jira. At that point Aha would no longer update the FixVersion.


I realise that the second condition here may be very specific to my use case, but the first seems like it would be quite common.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. One suggestion that is now possible would be to set a links to mapping from the Aha! release to a custom field in Jira. For example, you could create an "Aha! release" field in Jira. Then when a feature is sent to Jira, the Aha! release will populate the custom field rather than the fix version field. Subsequent updates will then update the custom field, leaving the fix version field intact.

    At this time, given the option above and historical support of this idea, we are unlikely to implement this idea. We hope you can understand.

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