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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 15, 2020

Synchronising JIRA backlog with Aha ordering

Currently I use the feature board loads - organise all my features into releases with certain priorities and I use capacity planning and it's great.

And I have a JIRA integration so anything I create in Aha is pushed out to JIRA with the correct release version and team and all other available mappable fields

However, because JIRA and Aha ordering isn't synced up it means that when the development teams look at their Backlog in JIRA, containing not only all my cards but also dev ops work, bugs, support tickets etc, it shows it completely different order

I then have to manually adjust the whole JIRA backlog to mirror what Aha looks like

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  • Admin
    Julie Price
    Apr 15, 2020

    Thanks for the idea!

    A colleague of mine shared a little more detail around your use case with me. I wanted to summarize your idea to ensure this is aligned with what you need.

    Currently, you can map feature rank in Aha! to a custom field in Jira and sort your Jira stories this way for your developers.

    I believe you are looking for a way to propagate the Aha! feature rank to your Aha! requirements, which are mapped to Jira stories. That way, the requirements/stories appear in a similar rank to your features in Aha!. All requirements from your 1st ranked feature would appear first, for example.

    Is that correct? If so, this is not currently supported in this way. We will continue to monitor your idea for community feedback.