Fix critical Aha to VSTS Integration not syncing Feature Order

We are trying sync the Feature order from Aha to VSTS (never the other way around).

Keeping the Features in VSTS in the same order in Aha is in our use case, critical to using the integration.

The reason that it fails is because matching the Aha Rank with VSTS Stack Rank (default Aha mapping) is incompatible not because Aha Ranks by Release (which is an issue) but because VSTS Stack Rank uses "sparsification" that is triggered on any VSTS Board Changes even if the board is constrained to maintain order on VSTS Work Item State change.

While your documentation indicates order sync works in Jira, it does not and could never work in VSTS using this approach.

  • David Greenwood
  • Dec 3 2018
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  • Kevin D commented
    15 Feb 19:07

    I agree and have reported various versions of the same issue. As it stands Aha is creating MORE work for us, not less, because we have to maintain priority in two separate places.