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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Daniel Pokrývka
Created on Aug 27, 2019

Teach aha custom fields to auto-update its list of values based on JIRA custom fields

Dear aha, 

     we have custom fields in JIRA, that we would like to keep in sync with mapped custom fields in AHA. 

Good example is a list "Country". We have that as global jira custom field with specific value list enabled per jira project. Whenever a country is added, removed, updated, enabled, disabled in JIRA, I have to update the definition of the custom field in AHA too. Then I have to go into every single product and adjust the mapping in Integration 2.0.

This idea is about having a specific AHA "autoupdated" list custom field, that would keep itself in sync within every JIRA 2.0 Integrations setup without requiring the user to define the list of values on aha side.

As for maintenance, I would propose to have a nightly job that would resync the values and also have a "resync in integrations" button in the definition of such a custom field in aha.

The benefit - this would lower the need for time spent on administering aha by many hours to many days a month. It would also limit the number of synchronization issues AHA/JIRA, which is the biggest pain we have.

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