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Created by Guest
Created on Sep 13, 2018

Dependency map for all features in a release

A dependency map that shows all features in a release, not just for one feature, so that I can see the bigger picture of a release. (View the information in a dependency report as a dependency map with the rectangles and arrows like the dependency map for a specific record)

    Sep 13, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. This is currently possible using the dependency report. You can add a release name filter to the primary records column to filter the list down to show all features in a particular release.

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Sep 14, 2018

    Hi there. It is not possible to change the visualization of the dependency report in this way. Since the dependency report shows links for multiple records at a time, a more structured view was needed. At this time we are unlikely to add this option to the dependency report. We hope you can understand.

  • Guest
    Sep 13, 2018

    Can you look at the report in the card/box view with arrows though, rather than a list?