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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Brian Cunningham
Created on Aug 3, 2018

Activity Log Enhancements

Currently, it's difficult to determine which fields/content is included when using the Search feature of the Activity Log. It also seems like there's a lot of content not included when performing a keyword search. I don't see any online help content when searching for "Activity Log". You also can't filter by a user account that has been inactivated. You have to reactivate the account to be able to filter the log by that account. When a user changes two fields of an item (feature, for example), one right after another, this is treated as two activities in the log. Would be better to group them in the Activity Log. Group all edits, with timestamps, per parent object (e.g. feature) per day - to improve the CX? Being able to filter by object type would be good to be able to more easily hone in on the result you're looking for, i.e. Feature, Reports, Administration, etc. To make it faster to review the activity log, I suggest collapsing each item (don't show the details) and then add a clickable graphic (+) to expand an item to see the details. This requires a lot less scrolling, or no scrolling, per log page and you can expand an item when you get to the one you're looking for. Almost all of the content, per log page, is not relevant until you get to the item you're looking for. Thus, it's better to hide the details, by default, instead of the inverse which is the current UI design. I suggest showing the start/to fields instead of requiring a click on the calendar graphic. As-is you don't know which dates are being searched when you first load the page. Also, it's more efficient if you can change a start or to date with one click instead of two clicks.


In summary, I think the My Activity page / audit page could be more efficient for both configuring the search parameters and for the results display.

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  • Victoria Morrella
    Jan 28, 2021

    We also need more robust filtering capabilities as we've been using Aha for several years now. It would be nice that we can filter the by field/object type so that it reduces the noise & the amount of time to search for a particular activity.

  • Marina Reyna
    Mar 18, 2020

    This would be really helpful


Filter by content type of activity/audit log

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