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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Ida van Jaarsveld
Created on Jul 12, 2018
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-711 Show a release report, listing all to-do's nested under the phases.

To-do inherit parent attributes Merged

I love putting to-do's all over the show. This is how I track the need to make decisions and how I keep the product ticking over.

Having a list of my to-dos is very useful but if I filter my to-do's then the only object they seem to inherit from is Product, otherwise it's only the direct object that it's associated with.


I have Release REL1 and underneath it the phase REL-PH1.

I create a to-do under REL-PH1.

If I go to my to-do list and I filter by release REL1, I get no result, because the to-do is not inheriting the relationship that REl-PH1 belongs to REL1.


So, basically, if I filter by release, I would like to see ALL to-dos that are associated with the release, including release phases, master features, features, reqs, and so on.