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Created on Jun 12, 2023

Show related grandchild features for a goal

In our workspace's Aha! hierarchy, we have Goals, Initiatives, and Features. Features belong to Initiatives, and Initiatives belong to Goals. If you think about this parent/child relationship, a Feature is a "grandchild" of a Goal.

However, when browsing a Goal's related records (Strategy > Goals > Related) you can only see the related Initiatives. The related Features shows "0". A similar thing happens when browsing a Feature's related records (Features > Related) – you can only see Initiatives, not the "grandparent" Goal.

In order to understand the "feature level" work for a given goal, I currently need to use a custom pivot. This is pretty unintuitive. There should probably be a setting which allows you to configure the dependency depth that gets shown in these product areas.

Example Hierarchy:

Goal #1
Initiative #1 (belong to Goal #1)
Feature A (belong to Initiative #1)
Feature B (belong to Initiative #1)
Initiative #2 (belong to Goal #1)
Feature C (belong to Initiative #2)
Feature D (belong to Initiative #2)

Expected Behaviour:

When I go to Goals and click Goal #1 and Related (Strategy > Goals > Select Goal > Related), I see a count of 2 Initiatives for Initiative #1 and Initiative #2 AND a count of 4 Features for Feature A, B, C, and D.

When I go to Features and click Feature A (Features > Select Feature > Related), I see a count of 1 Initiative (Initiative #1) and 1 Goal (Goal #1).

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