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Created on May 31, 2018

Allow Requirement Dates to drive that roll up to a Feature to drive that Feature's start & due date.

We integrate with Jira Engineering work at the Requirement level and must see dates associated with Jira Stories as Requirements in Aha!   Since addressing the Requirements / Jira User Stories make our Features a reality, we request that a setting be put in place in Aha! to allow Requirement dates that roll up to a Feature to drive that Feature's start & due date.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. We would recommend adding custom date fields to capture dates on your requirements. You could then map these to the appropriate Jira fields to create visibility within Aha! as to the dates added by engineering.

    At this time we are unlikely to add automation to the way the feature due dates are calculated. We hope you can understand.

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  • Juan Possie
    Apr 13, 2023

    From my understanding adding custom date fields would not automatically roll up to the date fields in the roadmaps. I would still have to manually adjust my date range for the roadmaps.

    The idea for me would be to have dates roll up from requirements up to Goals and allow me to have the most accurate roadmaps through this functionality. Since this feature is only available in part of the issue types (releases, features for example) I either have to buy an add on from Jira or remap our hierarchy to fit this tool if we want our roadmaps to atomically roll up dates.

  • Karen Santilli
    Nov 17, 2020

    I think this is a great idea. I don't see any good reason not to incorporate this logic into Feature Start/End dates. At a minimum, it should be an option for organizations to turn on/off. Manual entry of start/end dates introduces room for error and misaligned data between reality (Jira/Rally) and what has been documented in Aha, which won't get updated until the PM/PO has time to manually update dates for their Features. Also, many of Aha's out of the box views (which are very helpful) are dependent on the Feature Start/End dates being established, forcing a lot of manual entry by the Product Managers/Owners. This would also prevent the human error of painting a rosier picture than reality, or making an honest mistake of forgetting about an additional User Story that would add more time to that Feature.

  • Rajendra Bhide
    Nov 4, 2020

    I think it would really be good if the feature dates are driven by the requirements/user stories, which actually decide how much effort is involved in it and how long will it take to finish. In many cases all the execution is managed in JIRA or in Rally and that has more control on the actual dates. Changing the dates manually every time in features, makes it cumbersome to manage, so it would be great if these dates can be tied up with the requirements/user stories.

  • Guest
    Aug 6, 2018

    Hi - Jira Stories/Requirements related to the same Jira Epic/Feature are worked on in different Sprints.   We are able to map a Jira Story due date to an Aha! Requirement due date.  What we are asking for in the roll up of Aha! Requirement due dates to Aha! Feature due dates is to allow for the longest pole Jira Story due date (Ex. I have 3 stories mapped to a Feature - All 3 Stories start out with the same due date, however Story A missed the boat and got pushed to the next Sprint - hence a new date.   Now I'm sitting in Aha! and see that my Feature date has gone unchanged - I ask you, can that Feature be delivered on that date?    

    The answer....  No, my next question when can that Feature be delivered because I have 5 dependencies on it?   *We are asking for the automated functionality that exists in Aha! for rolling up due dates on Features to influencing their Master Feature due date in Aha! be set up from Aha! Requirements to their linked Aha! Feature. 

    Would it be possible for Aha! to make an enhancement to allow roll-up of due dates from Aha! Requirements to affect the due date of their Aha! Feature?    - Thanks so much! 


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