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Status Future consideration
Created by Austin Merritt
Created on Mar 17, 2020

Add 2-way integration mapping for release start and end dates

Release start date can currently only be mapped 1-way from Aha! to Jira (or any development system.) This is because that date used to be calculated based on features and phases in the release.

Now that this date is set manually, it should be possible to map these 2-way so they can be imported and/or updated from the development system.

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  • Rob Taroncher
    Apr 11, 2024

    This feature would be a massive quality-of-life improvement to the way we use Aha! and Jira together. Please give this idea some serious consideration. It would be a tremendous help to us.

  • Armen S
    Jun 21, 2021

    I'd also like to see release end date to be mappable to Dev Ops. Since we work in scrum, our release date range is our 2 week sprint. Having the internal/external release date mappable to Dev Ops doesn't make sense, since that is when the features would be shipped. Not when the sprint ends.

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Include Release "End Date" for integration field mapping

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Allow bidirectional or from integration start date for releases - Aha<>VSTS

Right now the only choice is one way start date from Aha. This caused me major havoc during my integration.
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