Create a separate record for acceptance criteria

I'm new to Aha, and contacted support to ask about recording acceptance criteria. There suggest was to use a template in the 'feature' for both he story & the AC, which to be fair does work. But in the same way we can link requirements to a feature, it would be great if AC was a separate 'form' in it's own right, like requirements, maybe with a tick to check off each requirement. 

This is the simple template I use, and it works, just feels a bit forced.


User Story

As a <Type of user>

I need to <do something>

for <some reason>

which <gives me some benefit OPTIONAL>


Acceptance Criteria

Scenario: <describe the use case>

Given: <I have met some criteria>

When: <I perform an action>

Then: <I achieve my expected result>

  • Jon Ellis
  • May 15 2018
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