User Story Mapping for Features/Requirements

Admins should have the ability to chose which records are in the User Story Mapping. We structure Aha! so that User Stories are at the Requirement Level so it makes sense for us to view as Features/Requirements


We don't use Master Features & don't want Aha! forcing the record type simply because you are leveraging the tool as this will cause user confusion.

  • Robyn Diamond
  • Jul 11 2019
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  • Guest commented
    15 Oct, 2019 07:50pm

    Agreed... we want to document the larger customer user map story for an EPIC at feature level and then do another level of that user story map at the requirements/story level... having both abilities will be highly benefits in creating strong product narratives for all team to engage with. 

  • Doug Brunner commented
    6 Sep, 2019 09:02pm

    100% agree. We currently have a hierarchy in DevOps of Epic (Master Feature) >> Feature (Feature) >> UserStory (Requirement). In order to adopt Aha! Story Maps we will need to move our 'story' description into the Feature and create more Features to make sorting meaningful. Also, Aha! currently restricts a one-to-one relationship between a Master Feature and a Step which is limiting as it is common for many Features under the same Master Feature to span multiple Steps in the same Story Map.

  • Iqbal Mohammed commented
    29 Aug, 2019 02:49pm

    I cannot agree more. It is very obvious that user story mapping should allow user stories (requirements) to be added.

  • Charlene Brennan commented
    29 Aug, 2019 12:08pm

    We use requirements in the same manner as Rich.  We support this change.

  • Steve Brunt commented
    28 Aug, 2019 12:01pm

    I couldn't agree more!

    User story mapping, should map user stories, and not EPICS.   If you could achieve this flexibility, then I'm sure more Aha users would be able to benefit.

  • Rich Cernech commented
    19 Aug, 2019 03:10pm

    Deriving from this article, we are capturing Features as Epics and Requirements as User Stories. This has worked well until we are now trying to leverage your User Story Mapping tool. I believe the 'Steps' in the tool are Features in our world and the Feature details are Requirements to us. Especially as we have integrated to Jira with Feature -> Epic and Requirement -> User Story.  We feel we need the ability to story map with requirements so that they can seamlessly flow to Jira as User Stories when dev work is ready to commence.  Thanks!