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Created on Oct 26, 2019
Merged idea

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Allow Cards in the Map to be User Stories, as well as Epics Merged

I love user story maps, and am a huge proponent of their use,  but the mapping functionality in Aha! is currently too coarse grained for the way we use epics and stories. The Aha! story map seems geared to a model where epics map 1-to-1 with a story. In my experience, cards in the map should  be user stories, not epics.

In my organization, an epic is scoped as an individual user activity in the flow through the product. Each epic contains multiple stories which describe how the user moves through that activity.  I'd therefore prefer that the cards in Aha!'s user story map "backbone" be epics rather than master epics, and individual cards in the map be actual user stories rather than epics. Master Epics would better fit at the top, "step" level.

We integrate Aha! with Jira, and if I were to use the Story Map as it exists today, I would have to totally reorganize how tickets are organized and managed in Jira. Such a dramatic reorganization would require that we adopt new semantics about what an epic is and what a story is.