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Status Future consideration
Categories Product
Created by David Main
Created on Mar 5, 2018

Four Quadrant Charts using Two Scorecards

This is for the Strategic Initiative Four Quadrant Chart. 

In a typical 4 quadrant chart there are two axis, I suggest using One Scorecard per Axis.


The Y Axis is Value and the Value Scorecard can have many contributing factors such as Customer Value, Stakeholder Value, Market Value, Compliance Value, Shareholder value and all these make up the Total score for the Y Axis.

The X Axis is Effort and the Effort Scorecard can have many contributing factors such as Business Change Costs, IT Implementation, Licencing, Development, etc. These all add up to the Total for the X Axis.

Using these two scorecards can be used as data inputs that will result in the chart being populated based on data rather than gut feel about where an item should sit in the chart. 

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  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Oct 10, 2021

    It would be great if the auto-population could be set based on optional data fields. E.g. custom field "Complexity estimate", which we have in t-shirt sizes.

    A minimalistic version of this would be to actually allow graphical representation of not only current "initiative name", but also some optional fields. That way at least we could play with initiatives manually.


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Megan Robnett about 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration