Be able to use multiple scorecards for a product and a product line

We are using the scorecard to evaluate a feature/idea's value prior to development. We have a separate scorecard we would like to use for evaluating the value of rolling out an existing feature to other sites (other brands or other countries).

We also have different scorecards for each region and once we start incorporating the international regions' features into the Aha tool, we would like to use the region specific scorecards.

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  • Mar 14 2016
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  • Mar 16, 2016

    Admin Response

    This is possible today through the use of custom fields.

    You can create a custom scorecard field, which can be associated with scorecard which you have created. This would allow you to have multiple scorecards across products.

    If you have a single scorecard which you plan to use (and report on) for all products of a particular product line, it would be best to create your custom field at the product line level. (available via settings -> product line -> custom fields)

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