Ability to create pre-populated custom fields

Our Use Case

We have a process that we've actually implemented as a product within Aha! that helps us track Change Requests.  We set it up as a separate product within Aha! because this process has a different workflow that we wanted to capture, including different statuses at the release and feature level and we wanted a more customized requirement layout.  At the requirement layout level I created all custom fields based off a document that we used to use to track the change request information.  One of these fields includes a table that documents how a change request will impact each component of our product.  That table is in the description of the custom field but it does not display in the field on the requirement layout.  So I have to go back to the description and do a copy and paste into the requirement field for the feature we are documenting. 

It would be helpful to have an option when creating custom field, to prepopulate that field so the information is displayed in the field when we access it at the feature or requirement level.

Please see the attached document for screenshots. 

  • Sikia Soller
  • Jan 25 2018
  • Future consideration
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