Improved import (2 ideas)

I am using CSV import to integrate my Customer Support system (FreshDesk) with Aha!.  The idea is that CS is our public interface and will receive and triage tickets (questions, defects, product enhancements, and incidents).  Any valid defects/product enhancements would be sent to Aha! as an idea.  These ideas would then be reviewed by Product Management for feature consideration.  If an idea is promoted to feature, it is then candidate for Jira, GitHub, etc. so that App Dev can work it.

Improved Access

To transfer my tickets, FreshDesk is able to create a CSV file.  I then use the import feature in Aha! to get these tickets loaded.  My problem is that access to the import feature is not intuitive.  You have to go to Settings.  My recommendation is to place an "Import" button on each "list" page; next to the existing "Export" button.

Improved Usage

Each time I perform an import, I must remap my fields.  This creates a situation where I must remember where I put data.  This can lead to errors and inefficiency.  I would like to recommend the ability to create import templates where I can create a mapping once and then reuse it on future imports.  At the end of the day, All I should need to do for an import is select a file to import and select a template for field mapping. 

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  • Oct 19 2017
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