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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Joe Carpenter
Created on Jan 9, 2020

CSV import template: Please provide all default fields in the CSV template

When I go to do an import, I review the ‘What Fields Can I Import?’ function, and more often than not I download the Example CSV file. The issue is that the Example CSV file does NOT contain all the fields that are available to import. This is a bit of an issue, because I frequently use this as a template to give to my business owners prior to doing an import. I therefore have to tediously cut/paste all the fields and corresponding descriptions into a CSV manually, defeating the whole purpose of allowing me to download an example CSV file.


Can you please update the CSV templates to include all Aha Default fields?

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Enhance example CSV to include column headers for all available fields

Currently, the example CSVs only have a handful of fields in them when downloaded. It would be very helpful if the CSV included headers for all available fields, then the user can just delete any they don't need.
Todd Meyer over 4 years ago in  0 Future consideration