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Status Future consideration
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Created on Jul 28, 2017

Prefix/Suffix support of custom score card

When using custom score cards to calulate cost, AHa allows the input metrics to have a Prefix and Suffix.  I have added a prefix of a $ which represents the input as dollars.  On the total side, there is no way to denote the total is $.  


For clarity in the reporting of the information, having the Prefix of $ on the total would be much clearer to the person reading the report

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Allow pre-fix / post-fix in scorecard definition

Hi, I would find very useful if a scorecard could have a postfix or prefix configurable as well. Some of my scorecards are purely about "EUR" and when I visualize the score on epic cards, it would be really much more clear to the viewer if he new ...
Daniel Pokrývka about 6 years ago in Features 2 Future consideration