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Status Future consideration
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Created on Mar 25, 2020

Aha score: represent the sequence values with words instead of numbers

Let's say you have sizes from Small to large that represent different values (numbers) on both lines of the Scoring as you want to measure different things in order to get an overall number ( a total score). So far, the tool only allows you to put numbers on the sequence and nothing else. What if you can relate a number with a Word so that the word appears on the line ? This will allow people to score easier just by selecting the size on the line ( e.g.: small, medium large) and you the one that set up the score, will be able to associate that size" small" with a number (Small = £100) so that Aha can do the formula and get an overall number.

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  • Nick Watts
    Mar 25, 2020

    This would definitely help make it clear for stakeholders viewing the calculation, especially as some formulas appear counter intuitive without background knowledge. Displaying a label instead would simplify things for sure