Allow custom labels for scorecard metrics

It would be great if, instead of just showing the underlying value, the scorecard metrics could use abstract labels... for example, for an 'effort' metric we might use t-shirt sizes such as "Small", "Medium", "Large" and "X-Large"   behind the scenes I would map these to integers to do the calculations, but for the front-end I'd like these labels.  Same might apply for a 'likelihood' or 'urgency' metric.

  • Eric Sullender
  • Dec 22 2015
  • Future consideration
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  • joost boerhout commented
    December 23, 2015 22:27

    Wow Eric, you beat me to this by just 1 day!   Totally need this, numbers often times are meaningless when evaluating parameters/metrics but of course needed for the final score.  When we have a metric "Market share", rather than scoring 1..3 I like to set this to <1Mls, between 1 and 5Mls and >5Mls   which makes this a lot more meaningful and thoughtful process.   

  • Matt Cardwell commented
    July 23, 2017 12:16

    Excellent. Was just trying to build a scorecard with qualitative ratings and descriptions for a 0-3 rating. This would be perfect!

  • David Gross commented
    July 27, 2017 20:28

    Would love to see the option of having a mouse over bubble help description for each value. That would allow short names but more clear descriptions.

  • Damien Chauvet commented
    24 Aug 13:02

    It would also be very helpful if I want to use a simple Yes/No instead of showing 0-1

  • Michael Anderson commented
    09 Oct 05:33

    This is still very much needed!  A scorecard with something other than numeric values would be extremely helpful!

  • George Champlin-Scharff commented
    11 Oct 15:21

    IBM request


    We do relative sizing with our Teams using T-Shirt sizing.


    What we need to be able to do is to present T-Shirt sizes in the UI but use numbers behind the scenes to calculate the score.




    UI would have:

    XXS / XS / SM / M / L / XL / XXL

    For calculations we'd use:



    This would remove debate and make our prioritization efforts easier!