When a feature is sent to Github that has images attached, can the images be shown inline rather than as links?

When I send a feature to Github that has images attached, the images show up in Github as links rather than inline which is how they would show up if I had created the feature in Github. It's easier and cleaner for our developers to see the images inline so what I end up doing is recreating the issue in Github and having to maintain a Github version of the same feature in Aha. 

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  • Mar 14 2017
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  • Jan 3, 2019

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    Thanks for sharing this idea. Images can be inserted into a GitHub issue's description by inserting the image into the record's description in Aha! (see attachment). Any image inserted into the description will be displayed as an image in the GitHub issue. Images that are attached to an Aha! record will continue to be displayed as links.

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